opal rings

Elegant and dazzling, opal rings are ideal for women who want something unique. One of the things that makes this gem so special is that each one is completely unique. You won't find two exactly the same anywhere in the world. As well as offering a wide variety of shapes and styles, from pear-shaped to oval, here at ABELINI, we offer a variety of metals too. Choose from a gold opal ring, a silver opal ring or another precious metal like rose gold or platinum. We have something to suit everyone, so you can be confident you'll find the perfect gift for your loved one, or a little treat for yourself. While opal is the star of the show in this range, many of the rings in our collection are also decorated with diamonds. With an opal and diamond ring on your finger, you're sure to make a bold statement. From Elizabeth Taylor to Queen Elizabeth II, many women throughout history have loved these mysterious stones. Create your own breathtaking moment with an opal engagement ring, anniversary gift or birthday present. Here at ABELINI, we love playing a part in all kinds of special occasions. Read More >>


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