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Looking for the perfect engagement ring to express your love and commitment to your partner? Look no further than our stunning collection of diamond engagement rings. Our rings are designed with elegance and beauty in mind, and we offer a variety of options to suit your preferences. Our collection includes classic diamond rings, as well as unique options such as sapphire engagement rings, emeralds, rubies, and even black diamonds and opals.... Read more

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Engagement Rings - By Metal

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Engagement Rings - By Stone

Engagement Ring FAQ's

  • How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

    The amount to spend on an engagement ring varies depending on factors such as the size and quality of the center stone, details, type of metal, and brand name. There are no set rules for budgeting for an engagement ring and the amount spent should be based on personal financial situation and what the couple is comfortable with. It is also important to consider your partner's preferences. The best approach is to spend as much as you can afford and what you're comfortable with.

  • How many carats should an engagement ring be?

    The weight of precious stones in an engagement ring is measured in carats. The global average for carat weight in a ring is between 1.00 to 1.09 carats, with the US average between 1.00 to 1.2 carats, the UK at 0.6 carats, and countries like Japan and China having a lower average. The number of carats should be based on your budget and personal preference.

  • Should you pick an engagement ring together?

    Going ring shopping for an engagement ring can be a big decision for a couple. Some prefer to go together, while others opt for one partner to choose the ring. The choice of whether to go shopping together depends on trust in one's partner. If you trust your partner to pick a ring that suits your taste and style, they can go alone. But if trust is an issue, it's better to shop together. Shopping together has benefits such as taking the pressure off the groom if they lack ring knowledge, allowing the bride to get her desired ring with the right size, and openly discussing the budget while exploring all options together.

  • Do you wear your engagement ring to bed?

    Wearing an engagement ring to bed can cause damage over time, including bending prongs, making the ring non-circular, getting caught in hair or bedding, leaving red marks, or cracking. It is recommended to remove the ring before sleeping and create a designated spot for it to avoid damage and potential loss. The only exception is if you know it might get lost if not worn overnight.

  • What is a decent size engagement ring?

    Determining the right size for an engagement ring can be a concern for many. To ensure the best fit and avoid resizing costs, it's important to find the right size for your partner. Research shows that the average ring size for women falls between 5 and 7. You can estimate your partner's size based on her height, with shorter women typically wearing larger sizes and taller women wearing smaller sizes.

    If these averages are not helpful, you have several options. You can opt for a larger size and have it resized later, use a baseline from her other jewelry or test with a costume ring, ask for help from her friends, family, or a jeweler, or playfully ask her directly. Keep in mind that everyone is unique and may not fit the average size, and some women prefer a loose fit while others prefer a tight fit. Make sure to purchase from a retailer with an exchange policy in case the ring doesn't fit properly.

    Remember that size is just one aspect of an engagement ring. Consider other important factors such as clarity, cut, and carat weight to find the perfect ring for your partner.


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