Pear Shaped Halo Engagement Rings

If you want to give your spouse an engagement ring that they will truly cherish, our pear halo engagement rings are unique and special. The pear shape, being a more unique cut, is usually used to symbolise a strong will, empowerment and independence. The pear shape also looks like a tear, reminiscent of tears of joy. If you are looking for a truly stunning ring, our Pear-shaped halo engagement ring features a pear-shaped diamond that is encapsulated by smaller diamonds. The sides of the ring are also covered with petite diamonds for a truly luxurious finish. For a more unique take on the luxury design of the pear-shaped diamond, our pear-shaped black diamond ring adds a truly unique twist to a luxurious design. All of our rings at Abelini can be completely customised. You can choose the stone type, the ring metal and even the carat of the diamond. Find the perfect engagement ring today with Abelini.

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