Aquamarine Stud Diamond Earrings

Aquamarine is a rare gemstone that can vary in colour from a deep-sea blue to a beautiful light-blue shade. The name aquamarine actually comes from the Latin words ‘acqua’ water and “marine” sea, both of which describe the range of serene ocean colours and describe the semi-transparent qualities that allow light to pass through and create a gentle sparkle. Earrings that feature this stone use various cuts and metals. Some popular choices include aquamarine studs for women, as well as oval, emerald, and pear cuts. Of course, the gemstone is also frequently used in bracelets, rings, and necklaces. In terms of symbolism, aquamarine is often associated with calmness and clarity. It’s also the colour of the throat chakra, so it’s believed to bring not just peace and harmony, but also facilitate clear communication. Some people are also convinced aquamarine has healing properties and helps reduce stress! Because aquamarine earrings have an everlasting oceanic beauty, they have remained a popular choice for those looking for elegant and durable jewellery. If you're looking for aquamarine stud earrings uk, feel free to explore our exclusive selection below.

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