Silver Tennis Bracelets

Tennis bracelets consist of a line of gemstones or diamonds on a chain typically, all of them in the same colour and cut. This design became particularly popular in the 1920s, although the bracelets were then called ‘diamond line bracelets’. However, when professional tennis player Christy Evert lost hers during the 1987 U.S. Open championship, and the game was halted to look for it, they began to be called tennis bracelets. These pieces can vary significantly in price, depending primarily on the stones they use which, as we have mentioned, are typically uniform and of the same carat. Silver tennis bracelets are considered an excellent choice for both formal and informal attires, as they are very versatile and look good in many configurations. For example, you can mix varying sizes of tennis bracelets silver or gold, pair them with a watch, or layer them with pearls. Lately, many people have also given these bracelets a contemporary make-over by adding personalization and mixing different types of stones for a beautiful and unique design. If you’re looking for the perfect sterling silver tennis bracelet (UK), please check our featured products below.

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