Diamond Earrings: The Abelini Buyer’s Guide

Posted byABELINI TEAM |02 November 2018
  Diamond Earrings: The Abelini Buyer’s Guide

A pair of diamond earrings can be what makes a good outfit a great outfit; perfect for catching the eye whenever you enter the room. At Abelini we know that when it comes to choosing the ideal accompaniment to your outfit it can be a difficult process. With so much choice out there, how do you even know where to start? To keep things simple, why not take a look at our handy buyer’s guide to getting started.

Set Your Budget

You can spend a much or as little as you like on jewellery, so why not set your budget before you start shopping. This will help you narrow down what’s on offer straight away.

Look For Quality

Any reputable diamond dealer will have a certification of quality, and at Abelini we’re no different. Always ask to see the relevant credentials so that you know you’re looking at premium quality, not just a price tag.

The Importance Of Shape

The shape and cut of your diamonds are really important. Many people find their perfect pair by matching the shape to the shape of their face. This provides a natural complement that allows your new jewellery to really stand out. Whether you want round diamond earrings, square diamond earrings, or something more exotic and elaborate, our consultants are always on hand to talk you through your options every step of the way.

Round Diamond Earrings

Princess Diamond Earrings

Colour. Colour. Colour.

Take a look at the color quality rating of a few of your favorite designs and then picture which outfits you’re likely to wear them with. This will help you narrow down your choices. You may also consider the carat you want, with more carats meaning more visibility from afar.

The Final Piece: Settings and Backs

Select a metal for the setting and then a style. This will largely be dictated by your hair color and skin tone if you want your piece to really stand out. Then you can finally choose your backs. There’s a range of choice out there. Push backs are the easiest to use, whilst lever backs offer a good balance of comfort and security.

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