Posted by ABELINI TEAM | 31 May 2019

How to Choose Diamond Earrings?

A pair of diamond earrings can be what makes a good outfit a great outfit; perfect for catching the eye whenever you enter the room. At Abelini, we know that when it comes to choosing the ideal accompaniment to your outfit it can be a difficult process. With so much choice out there, how does anyone know where to start? To keep things simple, why not take a look at our handy buyer’s guide to getting started.

Set Your Budget & Look For Quality

You can spend a much or as little as you like on jewellery, so why not set your budget before you start shopping. This will help you narrow down what’s on offer straight away. Any reputable diamond dealer will have a certification of quality, and at Abelini we’re no different. Always ask to see the relevant credentials so that you know you’re looking at premium quality, not just a price tag.

The Importance Of Shape

The shape and cut of your diamonds are really important. Many people find their perfect pair by matching the shape to the shape of their face. This provides a natural complement that allows your new jewellery to really stand out. Whether you want round diamond earrings, square diamond earrings, or something more exotic and elaborate, our consultants are always on hand to talk you through your options every step of the way.

Oval Shape Stud Earrings
Oval Shape Stud Earrings

Colour. Colour. Colour.

Take a look at the colour quality rating of a few of your favorite designs and then picture which outfits you’re likely to wear them with. This will help you narrow down your choices. You may also consider the carat you want, with more carats meaning more visibility from afar.

The Final Piece: Settings and Backs

Select a metal for the setting and then a style. This will largely be dictated by your hair colour and skin tone if you want your piece to really stand out. Then you can finally choose your backs. There’s a range of choice out there. Read further to learn great styling ideas for your diamond earrings.

1. Classic Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are always amongst the most on-trend and popular. Most people wear studs when they first get their ears pierced, though being an experienced wearer doesn't mean that you have to stop.

The classic stud is a timeless addition to absolutely any jewellery box. These earrings are easy to wear and look both understated and elegant. Four claw diamond stud earrings are classic pieces of jewellery, whilst metal stud earrings adorned with small diamonds will sparkle and shimmer in the sunlight.

Diamond studs are both incredibly practical and spectacularly beautiful, earning a place as a work accessory or looking glamorous for a night out.

2. Circle/Halo Diamond Earrings

Circle earrings are best described as diamond-encrusted doughnuts. Sparkling stones, in a halo shape, are set around an open centre. These earrings are larger than studs but can be just as understated.
Halo earrings are similar, though they typically feature a large central stone that's a focal point of each earring. Surrounding this, there's an outer ring adorned with dozens of smaller accent diamonds.
Like studs, circle and halo earrings are beautifully classic and elegant. Yet, they're also a lot more eye-catching and are perfect for prom nights and parties. These are a top trend not just because they're gorgeous, but because they can be very affordable whilst looking like they cost so much more. Expect a big effect for a small price, to capture the attention of everyone.

3. Diamond Hoop Earrings

The hoop earring is a trend that comes and goes. In 2020, it's definitely here. Hanging down from the ear, diamond hoops can come in a variety of sizes. These earrings are a beautiful blend of casual classic and fancy, with diamond hoop earrings being a favorite that's found in most jewellery collections.
A larger hoop provides ample space to show off your sparkling diamonds. If you want to ensure that all eyes are on you, large hoops are just what you need. Smaller hoop earrings are more understated, subtle yet still attention-grabbing. If you're wearing to work, or a formal occasion, then smaller hoop earrings are perfect.
Many people choose diamond hoop earrings when they're wearing their hair down. These will show from underneath long hair, and provide a self-confidence booth. Smaller hoops are often ideal for short hair or hair that's tied back. Less dramatic, they'll look just as impressive without seeming overly showy.

4. Diamond Drop Earrings

White Gold Diamond Drop Earrings
Yellow Gold Diamond Drop Earrings

Drop earrings, or dangle earrings, hang down gently from the ear. Whilst some have a column of glimmering diamonds, others have just one large clear stone. These aren't quite as practical or versatile as studs, but they are spectacularly beautiful. You'll feel like royalty, wearing drop earrings that gentle swing and sway as you move.
If you're looking for prom jewellery, then you can't go wrong with an elegant pair of drop earrings. These will make you the belle of the ball, as you express your individuality. They're unmistakably feminine, worn by those that value high fashion and like to make their mark on the red carpet. For a special occasion, it's unsurprising that drop earrings are popular choices.
The bars of drop earrings can be any metal colour or might feature smaller diamond stones. Some would say that diamond drop earrings are like little chandeliers for the ear!
Though some dangle earrings can hang quite far from the ear, it is best to take careful measurements. Aim to buy a pair that, when worn, won't reach far enough to graze against your shoulder.

5. Black Diamond and Gemstone Earrings

When most people think of diamonds, they visualize clear or 'white' diamonds. Black diamond earrings are a fashionable alternative, and very on-trend in 2020.

If you're looking to add some interest and intrigue, this is a great way to go about it. Add black diamond jewellery to your collection, to make a statement or simply have some fun.

Black diamond earrings are incredibly versatile and are earrings for men as well as women. Black diamond studs can look very masculine, but also come in delicate and feminine styles.

6. Diamond Cluster Earrings

Cluster earrings are made of many small stones, all set together in a group. These classy earrings are particularly glamorous, with the light often reflecting in several directions at once. Cluster earrings will sparkle and shine under both natural and artificial lights. So, whether you're on the dance floor or attending an outdoor wedding party, you can be sure that your earrings are accessories that really give a boost to your outfit.

As the gemstones used in cluster earrings are typically on the smaller size, a pair of diamond cluster earrings are often an affordable option. Eye-catching and sophisticated, cluster earrings can look both graceful and grand.

7. Fancy Shape Earrings

Fancy Shape Earrings

If a diamond isn't round, it's described as a 'fancy-shaped diamond'. These diamonds might be emerald cut, heart shaped or pear-shaped. There are many other fancy diamond shapes, including princess cut, cushion cut, oval cut and Asscher cut, each as special as the last. If you want to stand out from the crowd, or would like something that looks a little different, then fancy shape earrings can look absolutely dazzling as an alternative to simple round studs. 2020 trends put emerald and pear shapes amongst the most popular cuts, with the pear shape being an elegant option and emerald looking decidedly retro.

8. Rose Gold Diamond Earrings

Rose Gold Diamond Earrings

Rose gold is a leading 2019 fashion that isn't set to fade away this year. This pink metal is beautifully romantic and remarkably modern. Rose gold items are easy to accessorize, for a cohesive and well thought out look. With rose gold accessories everywhere, you can match your rose gold diamond earrings to your bag, your mobile phone, and your hair clips. Even on its own, rose gold has a vibrant and lustrous colour that's certain to catch everyone's attention. Coupled with a shimmering diamond, you'll have a dreamy combination.

9. Men's Diamond Earrings

It was once the case that men wore earrings to show their rebellious side. Today, men's earrings are a growing trend enjoyed in every corner of society. Men can wear diamond earrings as a way to express their personality, just as women have done for generations.
The gold stud earring, with a solitaire diamond, has always been a popular choice. Many men prefer the masculine look of a black diamond stone. Whatever your style, you're certain to find earrings for men that suit your taste.
You might have worn earrings before, or maybe new to the world of men's earrings, but can never go wrong with a diamond earring as a versatile everyday accessory.
Some men wear one earring, whilst others have one on each ear. The choice is yours, and once you've got your ears pierced, you'll love the range of earrings on offer. Consider a 'fancy cut', such as a square or emerald cut diamond, and think about the colour with metals like white gold and yellow gold to complement your existing jewellery.

10. Cartilage Earrings

White Gold Cartilage Diamond Earrings
Rose Gold Cartilage Diamond Earrings

Fashionable amongst younger wearers, cartilage earrings are suitable for both men and women. Instead of the earring going through your earlobe, it'll go through the harder ear cartilage. Once the reserve of tribes people, this is now a worldwide fashion that's a valued form of self-expression. It allows the wearer to have multiple earrings on each ear.

2020 cartilage earring trends include tragus and orbital piercings. Tragus piercings are close to the face, just above the lobe, whilst orbital piercings enter and exit on the same side of the ear. Another option is a helix piercing, with a hole through the curling outer cartilage, whilst a conch piercing goes straight through the very middle of the ear.

Many would say that a cartilage piercing is initially more painful. If you're happy to join the many with these piercings, you'll have a unique and eye-catching look.

How to Pair Diamond Earrings?

Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings need to be styled appropriately so they complement your outfit and make you look elegant without you overdoing it. The key to pairing diamond earrings is minimalism, which means keeping your other jewellery simple instead of flashy and over-the-top. For example, diamond earrings go well with emerald pendants or sapphire rings, but you wouldn’t want to wear both together and still pair them with a diamond earring.

In order to properly pair your diamond earrings, you need to ensure your other jewellery is of high quality and you need to opt-out of multicolor pieces like multi-stone bracelets, or statement pieces that can ruin your look. A good way to pair your diamond earring and let them shine is to wear them with white gold like a white gold band, platinum jewellery like a platinum lariat, or minimal gold, as diamonds usually work well with platinum and gold. Silver, like a simple silver bracelet paired with a diamond ring, would also match your earrings.

Although diamonds don’t work well with semi-precious stones, they are known to work well with precious stones such as sapphires and rubies. As such, you can opt for other pieces like simple gemstones or even pearls. Although, try to avoid pairing your diamond earrings with too many gemstones as it could easily ruin your look. You’d want to ensure your earrings are the centre of attention no matter what jewellery you choose.

When choosing an outfit to wear with your diamond earring, you’d want to know which colour works well with diamonds. For example, diamond works well with dark blue or black. Imagine pairing your diamond earrings with an all-black outfit; it’ll add that beautiful sparkle to your outfit and make you stand out. You can also opt for something more casual to suit your personal styles, like a pair of dark pants and a single-coloured blouse, or a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. Pair this with a diamond earring like a stud and watch how you switch from casual to elegant in seconds. Also, wearing an outfit with a deep V or boat neckline will also bring out your earrings, whether you’re wearing a necklace or not.

Are Diamond Stud Earrings Still in Style?

Diamond stud earrings are one of the most popular types of diamond earrings, we doubt they can ever go out of style because of how tiny, classy, and versatile they are, which makes them comfortable enough to be worn to any occasion. They are the perfect everyday accessory as they’re subtle enough to compliment any outfit despite the occasion, making you look elegant. The best part, they reversative enough to be worn to work or for a night out with friends. How can they ever go out of style?

There are so many ways to style a diamond stud; and when it’s a beautiful diamond stud, nothing can stop you! They do not dangle, making them smooth on the ear, as it is worn using its post, with a back piece to secure it. They are also comfortable enough to be worn for hours without the need to take them off. They are easy to incorporate with other accessories and can be styled with short hair or a relaxed up do. They also work well with your hair up or down, as they do not tangle with your hair.

How to Tell if a Diamond Is Real?

Buying a diamond is easy, but how can you tell if it’s real? You wouldn’t want to get something that’s fake. Luckily, there are so many easy ways to test if your diamond is real or not; you can easily do this at home without paying anyone to check.

1. Water Test

This is the easiest way to check. All you have to do is fill a glass with water, doesn't matter what type of water. After wish, you drop your diamond into the glass of water. A real diamond would sink in water due to the high density of diamonds, while a fake diamond would float to the surface or middle of the water. It’s basic physics, or science... whichever! Although, not all fake diamonds float, so the method is not conclusive, as such, you’d have to try other methods.

2. Use a Magnifying Glass

You can check if your diamond is real by using a magnifying glass up to look closely at the diamond. You’d want to check for imperfections (known as inclusions) within the stone and if none, the diamond is fake. A real diamond has imperfections, they’re not just plain like a wall. Although they’re some diamonds without imperfections, they’re mostly created in the lab.

3. Fog Test

Another super quick and easy way to check if your diamond is real or fake is by using the fog test. First, ensure that your diamond is clean from dirt or oils, then simply put the diamond/stone in front of your mouth and use your breath to fog it up; same way you’d clean your glasses with your breath. A real diamond would become clear after a second or two, but a fake diamond would stay fogged for some seconds. Why? You may wonder. Real diamond breaks up heat instantaneously, as such, it is impossible for it to fog up.

4. X-Ray Test

This is pretty simple because a real diamond does not show in an x-ray. You can perform an x-ray on your diamond and if it doesn’t appear, it is real but if it appears, it’s fake