Marquise Cut Diamond Stud Earrings

Showcase luxurious shine with a pair of exquisite marquise-cut diamond stud earrings. Available in traditional prong settings or elevated with jeweled halos, these white or black diamond earrings are a magical way to accessorize. Now that’ve picked your favorite cut, you can choose from Platinum, yellow gold rose gold or white gold diamond stud as your base. You can even upgrade your diamond for a carat size of anywhere from. 2 to 2. A classy, chic accessory that will elevate any look, we welcome you to dazzle in your new marquise diamond stud earrings today, tomorrow and every day. 

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    Bespoke Design Service

    ABELINI Jewellery have the ability to transform the latest trends and preferences of style into bespoke jewellery through exquisite design. If you are looking for a unique design that is made for you, ABELINI will make your dream a reality.

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