Winter is both cosy and a magical time for couples. The cool weather gives the perfect excuse to snuggle, and it also sparks plenty of ideas for a romantic and fairytale-like wedding theme. Tying the knot in late November or anytime between December to March comes with perks that you normally wouldn’t experience during the warmer seasons.

You’ve got a unique and lovely backdrop for your wedding photos, discounted rates on popular wedding venues, fewer competitions on your desired date, and a suitable opportunity to do more formal attire for your entourage. The absence of humid weather guarantees that your hair and makeup stay on point throughout the ceremony and the reception.

Now, before you get all excited daydreaming about your snowy and fab wedding venue, why not check out some charming ideas to incorporate into your upcoming wedding?

Winter Inspired Wedding Color

1. Winter-Inspired Color Themes

Can’t choose a colour combination to use as your wedding theme? Since it is winter, silver and white are classic colour choices that signify purity, elegance, and a fairytale romance. You can add snowflake-shaped ornaments to complete the wintry and romantic feel. If you’re not feeling white, try dusty blue, ruby red, and burgundy, or a touch of complementing neutrals such as gold, ivory, and taupe. These colour themes are quite versatile because you can easily pair them with other shades such as pink, green, or black (if you dig unconventional ideas).

Touch of Fairy Tale

2. A Touch of Fairy Tale

Have you ever seen horses, fur coats, or rustic accents at weddings? Surely, they impeccably add a whimsical feel to you and your future spouse’s special day. It would not seem right to have your guests put on thick and fuzzy coats during the summer, nor would it be ideal to have horses stationed outdoors amid humid weather. Winter accommodates comfort and romantic getaways that involve being whisked away in a personalized carriage. Make your guests feel as though they stepped into a faraway kingdom with out-of-this-world accents on your venue.

Scenic View for Wedding

3. Scenic views

Who says getting married amid the snow doesn’t have much to do with breathtaking sceneries? You’ve got several majestic options to choose from, including mountains, skiing locations, lakes, townhouses, banquet halls, and barns. For more specific venue suggestions, you can try Notley Abbey (Buckinghamshire), The Alpine House (Wyoming), The Ashes (Staffordshire), Lake Tahoe (California), The Tythe Barn (Oxfordshire), and Teton Springs Lodge and Spa (Idaho). Stuck in quarantine? That shouldn’t be a

problem with a dash of creativity and resourcefulness. Rustic backdrops always work in a winter-themed reception. Reclaimed wood furniture and soft light help virtual attendees feel a lovely mood despite being miles away.

Wedding Light

4. Light it Up

The right kind of light source never fails to make the wedding itself as romantic as your proposal. Fairy lights work well regardless if installed inside or outside the venue. You can use them to adorn the interior of chapels or churches or make your guests feel as though they are being guided by fairies by arranging these small yet bright lights along the path towards your reception.

Twinkle lights, salt lamps, and candles should also help do the trick. Place them beside your ornaments, along the aisle, or use them as centrepieces of your table. Seeing warm and beautiful lights glimmer will make your guests feel warm and comfortable.

Diy Invitations

5. DIY Your Invitations

Handwritten notes and invitations evoke a feeling of intimacy with the people on your guest list. The mere thought of reading the contents of your handwritten invitations will leave them thinking about the effort it took for you to let them know that their presence on your wedding day would mean the world to you.

It would be a plus if you know how to do calligraphy or have someone you can ask to do the personalized invitation cards for you. Digitally printed cards tend to deviate from the out-of-the-box vibe of a matrimonial union set in the frosty blizzards of winter.

Comfort the Keyword

6. Comfort is the Keyword

Comfort food can at times be greasy and deep-fried, but it can also be warm, soupy, and filled with nostalgic ingredients. Satiate your guests’ appetite with hot chocolate, cinnamon, peppermint, soups, potatoes, and steaks with sauces that remind them of home. If possible, throw in a bonfire near the venue and prepare a s'mores station or an area for guests to roast marshmallows in an open fire.

Wedding Cake

7. Cake Flavors in Season

How about throwing in flavours in season? White chocolate, chestnuts, peppermint, cranberries, and gingerbread are excellent flavours you could play around with to accentuate your sensational snowy ceremony. These winter flavours are easy to incorporate into your cake or in desserts. As for savoury meals, opt for dishes with earthy ingredients and spices, like curry, roast turkey, creamy mushroom soup, butternut squash salad, braised beef.

Wedding Boots

8. Strut the aisle in high fashion boots

Perhaps you’re not a huge fan of sandals. Maybe you like footwear that provides your feet with full coverage without throwing off your overall bridal look. Since contemporary weddings are breaking old-age norms in terms of what brides should and shouldn’t wear, then use this as a chance to don a pair of chic boots to go with your wedding gown or suit. If anyone says otherwise, you can always say it suits the weather, or just ignore their unnecessary comment altogether. All that matters is you feel good about yourself and it translates in your expressions.

Vintage Wedding Jewelry

9. Vintage Jewelry

Art deco designs, diamond studs, Victorian bracelets and necklaces, brooches, long earrings, and bib necklaces are some examples of timeless and vintage accessories to complete your wedding attire. Donning an elegant piece of jewellery is one of the best ways to embody the classic atmosphere of being surrounded by snow and embraced by the chill atmosphere. Not to mention, white goes with different colours and styles of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, so you have a broad range of style choices to pick from.

Did you enjoy the suggestions enumerated in this blog? Describe your idea of a romantic winter wedding! Looking for more inspiration? Check out our comprehensive Wedding Buying Guide to find everything you need to create your dream wedding.