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For years it has been embedded into our heads that engagement rings ‘’have’’ to be diamond. In reality, however, you could use rubber bands and call it a day too. The ring only plays a symbolic part in an engagement. It symbolizes love, bond, and unity between two people.

So before we go down on one knee with a ring, let’s take a look at the short answer as to whether engagement ring truly have to be diamond. 

Do engagement rings have to be diamond? A diamond engagement ring is the traditional style of jewelry to be given when making a commitment to the one you love. There are many other styles and fine gems to discover, such as Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds, Morganite, black diamonds and Amethyst. 

So now you’ve got the quick takeaway answer and are ready to hit the Jewelry store, let’s start by looking at some background of engagements and diamond rings! 

What's Engagement?

Let’s look below at the 6 main points of an “engagement” and what it signifies.

● When a guy asks for a girl’s hand in marriage or proposes to her, they typically present their loved one with a ring.

● The lucky lady girl wears the ring on her left hand’s ring finger if she chooses to accept the proposal.

● This gesture solidifies their relationship by marking them as to be married

● Engagements are not only a verbal agreement, but also involve a physical gesture known as the ring exchange

● This exchange solidifies their relationship not just for them but also in front of the whole world.

● The ring symbolizes love and unity between the couple.

Ok, so guys now you know what it’s all about if you are ready to take the plunge and present your forever lady a beautiful diamond engagement rings! 

So you might be wondering what this glittering symbol of love really is and why diamonds have historically been so popular.

Read on to find out A brief history of diamonds

A diamond is a naturally occurring mineral that is made up of carbon. In a nutshell, it’s the rarest and sought after gemstone.
Discovered in India Diamonds were first used as decorative items rather than in jewelry when they were discovered many years ago in India. 


Diamonds were also believed to have curing powers much like crystal healing today. It was only a thousand years ago when they started to have a more prominent role in jewelry. Even though the trend of diamond rings started only a thousand years back, the idea of engagement rings has been around for many many years. 

Ancient Egypt

More specifically since the time of ancient Egypt. At that time reed rings were used. The idea of placing the ring on the left hand’s third finger came from the belief that in that finger was a vein that led directly to the heart. It’s from the ancient Egyptians we get the well-known ring finger which has been an ongoing tradition ever since. The tradition of giving a ring to promise a lifelong partnership began when ‘Archduke Maximillian proposed to his love, Mary. 


However, historically the idea of engagement wasn’t as romanticized before as it is today. In fact, it was almost the complete opposite! 
Back then, engagement rings were given to symbolize ownership of a woman by her husband. Women were given diamond rings to wear when outside and cheaper metals were given to them to wear at home.

Staple jewelry piece

A diamond's classic beautiful elegant look is also amazingly durable. It has a tough and unscratchable surface, which has made it a staple piece in jewelry and other decorative items for centuries.

So why has the diamond been such an important symbol of love and promise of marriage during our history? And why is it that we usually think of diamonds as being the go-to precious gem to express your love and to bind you forever with your beloved? 

Why do people wear diamond engagement rings?

For many, engagements are one of the most important milestones to be achieved in a relationship. So why is it that historically and traditionally many have preferred diamond rings over other gemstones?  More especially, why choose a diamond ring when other gemstones might be a bit more merciful on the pocket in comparison to a diamond ring, which can be rather expensive.

Well, the easiest and most straight forward answer to that would be the strength, quality, and longevity of a diamond. 

A diamond is one of the hardest and durable known gemstones and is also practically indestructible. Did you know that a diamond can only be damaged by another diamond?

● Stays beautiful They don’t lose their shine

● No maintenance A diamond ring has little of any maintenance after purchase

● Investment It’s a long term investment. Diamonds don’t lose their value. If anything, at the rate the inflation rate is currently increasing, its values are only bound to increase.

● Timeless A diamond engagement ring is evergreen. Diamonds have been used since ancient times. Although trends come and go, a diamond never goes out of style.

A diamond literally symbolizes the type of relationship many have with their partner which is beautiful, strong, and everlasting.

So what kind of alternatives are there to diamond engagement rings? Let’s read on to discover more.

Although for many years, diamond rings have been the go-to engagement gemstone, It's not a given that couples need to only choose diamonds to express their love. However, in this era of constant growth and people with a willingness to break typical stereotypes, the engagement ring-buying game has changed drastically over the last couple of months.

Women and men have started to toss out the idea of following a centuries-old tradition of diamond rings and have started to buy rings that are closer to their personal style.

There are many different gorgeous colors and styles of gemstones mentioned that are perfect alternatives to diamonds rings:

● Rubies

● Emeralds

● Amethyst

So you might be wondering, is it okay for you to get an engagement ring?

Well, you’ll be pleased to know it’s perfectly okay! As we mentioned earlier, White diamonds aren’t the only option for engagement rings. It might be that your partner has an edgier style, so a gorgeous black diamond for instance might be a fabulous alternative! 

Everybody has a style that is unique to them and sometimes diamond rings might not work with you and your partner’s everyday style. 

Make your choice based on you and your partner, so If you or your partner want to toss the stereotypical diamond ring out the window, so be it!

Ultimately It all comes down to what you as a couple prefer.

The love between two people is not dependent on a diamond ring, it’s more about the statement of move between the two of you which is more important.

And finally… 

So there you have it! Everything you needed to know about whether engagement rings have to be diamond! 

Don’t forget to check out our store for beautiful engagement rings of all kinds, perfect to make that forever commitment to the one you love. 
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