Our cluster diamond necklaces exude radiance with many sparkling diamonds arranged into one exquisite cluster necklace pendant. As we create the cluster necklace, we celebrate how each person is the aggregate of many beautiful qualities, all coming together to make that someone, unique and endearing. Abelini aims to provide you with that subtle appeal wherever you are. You can choose from the different shapes of cluster necklace pendants- round, square and oval, or even from those shaped into hearts, flowers or teardrops. Each shape is available with different designs of cluster diamonds so that you can easily find the perfect one for you or your loved ones. The cluster diamond necklace is available in gold and platinum. We desire to give you a delightful experience in the UK, as you choose the perfect cluster diamond necklace, through our professional staff who are keen to see you content with your choice.

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Metal Colour: | Carat: 0.30Ct - 2.00Ct