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Once you start to consider buying diamond stud earrings, your next stumbling block will be the size of your diamond stud earrings. What size should diamond stud earrings be? There isn’t an easy answer to this question. So, let’s explore a few factors that will impact on your decision-making.

First, are you looking for diamond stud earrings for everyday use? If they are to be used with regularity, then a smaller shape and size would suite. However, if you want a pair of diamond stud earrings for special occasions then you don’t need to think about size in such a restricted way. Nonetheless, for everyday use, you want small but not too small – which means to be visible and appreciated you’d need to think 0.25ct or above. Some jewellery brands will tell you not to focus on price, but in the real world, you’ll always consider price. However, whilst 0.25ct plus diamonds will be costlier, it will be an investment for the longer term. The size issue also intersects with how they will look on different outfits – sparkling diamonds will help special occasion dresses shine but on the flip side will also give you an edge regardless if it’s a dress-down Friday and you’ve got a vest top and jeans.

The shape and style of your diamond stud earring will be just as important as the overall size of your diamond stud earrings. The most commonly cut styles for diamond stud earrings are as follows:

1. Princess Cut – The infamous Princess Cut is a square or rectangle shaped diamond cut. This is the most popular diamond stud earring style available.

2. Round – This cut is just as its described. It is a rounded cut that is growing in popularity.

3. Asscher Cut – This cut is about bringing the angular design of the diamond cut to the forefront by having layers that coalesce around angular corners which bring the diamond front and centre – this style and cut is very popular.

The type of style and cut you choose will impact on how the diamond stud earring interacts with your own features, your own hairstyle, outfits and style. So, you’ll need to consider this aspect when picking your next pair of diamond stud earrings.

There are a variety of different metals available. They scale from precious to not so precious. However, you need to understand that a diamond will need to be set on to a quality metal. You also need to consider allergens – many people find that their skin becomes sensitive to non-precious metals (like Stainless Steel etc.) and this is another reason to choose a precious metal when considering a pair of diamond stud earrings.

The most popular precious metals include's Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, Platinum, Silver.

Always think about quality over quantity. Pick the right precious metal for your lifestyle. But also, don’t think you have to match everything. For example, white gold is a suitable match for a platinum diamond engagement ring. You can rest assured the white gold on a diamond stud earring wont ‘wear’ as much as a white gold ring – precisely because it won’t get the same kind of physical ‘wear’ that a ring would experience. Therefore, pick quality but focus on the metal that accentuates your other jewellery and own personal style.

The diamond stud earring backs are a crucial, albeit often overlooked aspect of picking the right diamond stud earring for your own unique needs. However, there are two types of backs that really stand out – the screw backing vs. the push backing styles.

Screw backs are as the name literally implies are screwed together thanks to a threaded connection that, thanks to the ridges, creates a tight and slip-proof fit. These are the most secure type of backing for diamond stud earrings. The trade off for the extra security is that they’re time consuming to remove and can hurt due to rubbing over longer periods of use.

Push backs, also known as frictional backing earrings, are the most popular variant. The stud is quite simply pushed into the earring back and held together purely by friction. The push back design is incredibly easy to remove and makes it an easy and accessible variant of the diamond stud earring for utilitarian use. However, for more expensive diamond stud earrings the trade off is the lack of security – any contact could dislodge the earring which could result in loss. The other trade off is that heaver diamond stud earrings can create pressure on the reverse of the ear.

We hope you find this guide helpful in choosing the right diamond stud earrings for your own unique needs, style or use. Whatever design you want, from princess to round, with screw backs to push backs, in silver or platinum, Abelini has the right diamond stud earring collection for you. Why not head to our online webstore today to explore our collection in full?