A security officer stood behind the director- with a gun- while filming the opera scene in Pretty Woman. Why? 'It' stands out anywhere…

Posted by Abelini Team | 03 October 2018
She had never been to an opera before… He loved operas so much so that operas had probably become ‘part of his soul’. Vivian, played by Julia Roberts, is quickly taken up by the opera as can be seen by the tears in her eyes. In fact, she seems quite shaken. Well, it was the opera La Traviata, which is about a prostitute who falls in love with a wealthy man. It is no wonder then that it affected Vivian so much. She was falling in love with Edward, played by Richard Gere.
But why was there a man with a gun during the filming of the opera scene? Not in the movie but behind the director Garry Marshall. Now the ruby and diamond necklace worn by Julia Roberts was really expensive, worth a whopping $250,000. So it came with a security guard who was armed with a gun. He was there to guard the necklace.
Although the movie Pretty Woman was released in 1990, it is a movie that many people watch over and over again. It is just one of those movies which leave you feeling good because of the fairy tale ending.
We like fairy tale endings too. That is why we take great pride in creating beautiful jewellery for engagements and weddings. And to help everyone add a touch of class to their look, we create jewellery for everyone for every occasion.

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