The Short Abelini “How-To” Guide to Engagement Rings

Posted byABELINI TEAM |18 May 2019
  The Short Abelini “How-To” Guide to Engagement Rings

Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring can seem incredibly daunting! You might have decided that the time is right to “pop the question,” but are you sure about what you’re looking for in an engagement ring?

We all know that once the decision has been made you are making a symbolic gesture that reflects the level of seriousness you both place on your relationship as a couple – but the next level stress will come from the engagement ring which is just as symbolic and important as the actually deciding you want to be engaged in the first instance.

What You Need To Consider?

There is some stuff you’ll need to know before you buy “the ring.” You need to understand that your loved one will wear this ring for, hopefully, eternity. As such, they need to be comfortable and more importantly love the ring. So, take stock of your loved one’s jewellery habits.

What type of ring/jewellery design does she love? Are a lot of her jewellery items platinum? Does she like a specific birthstone or does she like her diamonds? Has she got a lot of Cubic Zirconia but really, she’d love a real shining diamond?

Learn from them but also keep yourself aware of the “hints” you might be getting. They could be subtle, a glance at a jeweler’s window or not so subtle like an email link to a ring they like?

Next Steps – The Actual Ring

Solitaire Engagement Ring

You’ll need to find out her size. You can get size charts from all reputable jewellers or you can use a day ring she currently uses and ask a jeweller to get it sized. Once you have the size, and you understand their style preferences you can start thinking about buying the ring!

First, you’ll need to consider the metal used in the ring. White gold, rose gold or regular gold? I’m still talking about engagement rings, not iPhones! So, does your other half like platinum rings or white gold rings? Once you know the metal you can move onto the diamond!

Diamonds? What You Need To Know?

The next milestone will be the “shape”. There are 12 main shapes. They include:

Round, Radiant, Oval, Emerald, Princess, Pear, Trillion, Baguette, Heart, Cushion, Asscher, Marquise.

To, find out more, why not head to ForeverMark, a diamond shape and cut guide to finding out how exactly each shape fits into the engagement ring and the cut therein you’re looking for?

The next step is understanding the diamond quality. This is understanding the five C’s of diamond quality standards:



– This is about the blemishes (or not) on the diamond itself



– Not be confused with the shape of the diamond this is about the cutting of the diamond at the manufacturing level



– This is about how discolored or clears the diamond itself is



– The Carats are the measurements out of a 100 for the diamond



– This is the diamond grading lab Certificate of quality

Once you know the metal, have got the right shape and have followed the “five Cs,” you can physically shop for the diamond engagement of your dreams. Remember, if you are unsure you could always take a friend or a family member of your partner to see if they think it would suit.

Remember, this is a long-term decision, so you need to make sure that the ring will be beloved by its recipient. Alternatively, why not book a non-pressure viewing at our London showroom? Call us on 0203 805 1270 to discuss your engagement ring needs further?

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